Joining our team is one of the best ways to get involved at Riverside Church.

Whether its greeting guests at our front door or serving coffee, we'll help you find

the perfect place for you to serve.


A visit to any new place can be intimidating. Our Hospitality Team is more than just a friendly smile visitors meet when they walk through our doors. Our team is here to to let new visitors know we care about them and that we are genuinely happy to have them with us.

We serve with humility and faithfulness to the Lord.  Whether it's someone's first time visiting or it's someone who's been attending regularly, we want to ensure everyone feels comfortable, welcomed and connected to our church.

Benington Prabhu

We are determined to serve (1 Samuel 12:24) the church body with Love. We work as a team to maintain order during the service, to provide a safe, clean and welcoming environment.

As we present ourselves unto the Lord in Ushers ministry we trust Him to continue perfecting us to walk the journey He called us for!

Playing with Animals
Sangeetha Karunanithi

Nursery ministry cares for toddlers age 18 months to 3 years old. We instill the Word of God through captivating activities such as coloring, crafts, songs and dance. 

Hope Johnson

We're committed to teaching children about the awesome love of God and leading children into lives that worship Him. Sunday mornings are focused on getting the kids excited about Jesus and taking part in bible stories, music, games and arts and crafts to help build a solid spiritual foundation.


Children are important to God and are important to us.  We have the opportunity to help build a foundation of spiritual development for kids.  We want to help raise up a generation who knows God and His Word.

Connect Groups
Elsie Kitcher

As a community and family-oriented church, we are committed to an environment in which we can learn together, encourage each other, ask questions, and understand how Biblical principles apply in our daily lives.
Sunday School takes place weekly after the Worship Service and lasts for 1 hour. We have separate classes for men and women, as well as age-appropriated classes for children (nursery - high school). Younger students learn with crafts, activities, and games (and sometimes 'older' students do too!). Sunday School is not only an opportunity to get to know the WORD better but also an opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxed environment. 


Being a teenager these days can be really difficult. With all the peer pressure from friends, social media and the outside world it can be really hard to build a relationship with God. As the times change, pressures seem to increase and challenges are becoming larger and more complex.


Our vision is to encourage and stir a passion and love for God in the hearts of teens. Our young people need to know that regardless of what happens in life, in spite of anything they have done or anything that has been done to them, they have a Father who unconditionally loves them and NOTHING can separate them from their His love. Our aim is to provide a place they can have fun, be a part of something good and learn what it means to have a relationship with God. 

Healing Hearts
Donna Murgola

Healing Hearts is a Gospel-centered, grace-driven ministry that offers hope and healing in Jesus Christ through God’s Word to people who have been broken by sin. Healing hearts, healing families. . . one heart at a time.

For more information, please visit  You can also send an email to Donna Murgola.

Realife Women
Lucy Sanchez / Anita Martinez

We seek to help women connect with other women by reaching out in openness, intimacy, acceptance, honesty, and transparency. Whether you're in a meeting, at your office, or interacting with your friends or family, we want you to understand the power of value-based relationships and give you the tools to foster them in your life. 

We endeavor to reach women through the transforming power and love of Jesus Christ; disciple women to follow Christ's example and live overcoming lives; build wholeness through consistent prayer and study of God's Word; provide an atmosphere for women to develop their gifts, abilities and lasting relationships; and train women to find their place of ministry and effectively touch their world for Christ.

Men's Team

Our Men’s Ministry exists to foster spiritual growth, fellowship, and a greater God-given purpose for men to become priests in the home, leaders in the church and lights in the community. We meet monthly for a powerful time of building each other up, encouraging each other in the Lord, and learning more about the Lord and His purpose for us. Come be a part of a powerful movement of godly men.

Moms In Prayer
Ivette Woods

We love our children, we raise them, teach them, guide them and protect them the best we can. At some point, they will be exposed and influenced by some things that are out of our control. They will go to school, make friends, hear and see things that aren't always beneficial to them. They can even learn negative things as early as the playground or during competitive sports! We can feel so helpless, especially during some of the more difficult times of raising a child. 
So what can we do?? We surely can't protect them from everything, can we? (There is an answer so hang on.....) 
We can PRAY!! We have a Father in heaven who created the heavens and earth and all that is in it! We can't always be with them but we can pray to the Creator of all to protect them and guide us as parents. So a group of faithful women who are determined to pray for ALL the children in the community (including yours!), come together on Saturday mornings to do just that.


Moms in Prayer is open to any woman who has a longing to pray for the schools, the children, the families and the officials of Hudson County. For more information, please visit: or email

Girls Ministry / Royal Rangers
Ivette Woods / Dalton Manickaraj

We seek to see every child moving toward a deep relationship with Jesus Christ. We seek to empower them and help them realize their importance and potential in the kingdom of God. We seek a future where our children and leaders — through mentoring and discipleship — form lasting, life- changing friendships. 

Jowita Mansour

We were created to worship God.  At Riverside Church, corporate worship is important to us.  Our services are designed to worship God in spirit and in truth as a community of believers.  


Our worship services consist primarily of contemporary music, Christ however, is always the center of any song we play.  Our worship team is not a performance team, but instead seeks to encourage the entire congregation to lift their voices to God in praise and to focus all of our attention on worshipping His awesome Name.