Trip Details

During the week that we’ll be in Guadalajara with missionaries Chris & Julie Abuiso. They have been missionaries in Guadalajara since 2003 and have served in a variety of ministries, projects, and needs within their district. Their primary focus has been in kids’ evangelism, training workers, and providing children’s ministry material for the churches. Chris and Julie have invested 14 years into one particularly marginalized neighborhood where they established a kids’ church in the park. They have helped hundreds of kids and families with both spiritual and physical needs. As a team, we will be leading VBS in the mornings for the neighborhood children. It will consist of lessons, activities, crafts, and skits that will lead them to Jesus. In the afternoon, we will be doing a variety of evangelism outreach that may include going to boys and girls rehab, men and women rehab, boys and girls orphanages, walking through the neighborhood, and ministering at churches.

Leading up to the trip, we will have numerous practices and meetings to prepare for the trip. It is important that you attend all the meetings once the dates are confirmed. The price per person is $1,731.55 and includes lodge, meals, transportation, flights, AGWM insurance, and two shirts. A deposit of $175 is due January 24, 2024.